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  1. Greetings I think that your great and subscribe to you but this last reading I can’t understand a word your saying it sounds like your speaking French unless my computer is not working but I can’t understand this reading

  2. Love your readings and the Jazz intro reminds me of my mom…. I’m a Virgio and I was crowned a Youruba Priestess in 2011…. I love my spirituality, butt this week I’m under so much Psychic attack…. It’s crazy n I’m tired. Basically, I’m a loner. I go to work, come home n talk on the phone and do. Homework… Kinda of redundant but that’s what I do… Also have an old lover that is doing everything and anything to try to get me back… Don’t want him, he changes my luck… Tired n need some suggestions please!

  3. Dear Kathy

    Your Capricorn reading for 2017 has helped me emensely. I have felt all my life I have had too many difficulties that have affected my career progress in life. Right now I am at a very low ebb in life, I feel trapped and that everything I do ends in disaster.

    Your reading for 2017 has given me hope in the belief that things will change, I am crying as I type this, as I felt there was no way out, if I wasn’t a chicken and truly believe there are consequences for taking ones life, I would have as I do not know my purpose for being here. I have been knocked so much that it has affected my confidence as a Capricorn we like to provide and I feel I cannot do this as all is against me.

    I feel there is hope and I will go out there again and find my place in this world. Some strange set of circumstances have been surrounding me, I now know the cycle will change.

    I want to thank you for your delivery of your message, I have saved it to refer to throughout the year. You are a Very Special Human Being with your soft tones, warmth and Jamaican mysticism you’ve made me feel better and slightly stronger.

    Thank you and warm regards to you.


  4. i like to.listen ur words and u exatly predicted for the. year 2017
    thank you ver much

  5. I am a YouTube Empowerment fan. I particularly enjoy your enthused energy.

    I noticed about 9 seconds into the Capricorn Week 45 (November 6-13) reading that it is the same as the Virgo Week 45 reading, and I thought it might interest you to know.

    Your readings have a place in my Top 3 Readers. None the less, thanks!

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