The hidden message in the American Election 06-11-2012

November 6, 2012  history has been made, the Americans went to the voting poles and the whole world watched as the Americans showed us that there should be changes.  As we all sat in front of our television sets and wondered what the outcome of the election would be, we all hoped that Barack Obama would win and got the opportunity to finish his work.  On the other hand, there were some people hoping the other party would be chosen, this hope coming out of their lower self, ego and social status. 

As a lightworker and all other lightworkers, we all know how the evening would end and who would be the man that would take us to the next level of awareness from December 21, 2012. 

After a lot of self searching and accepting who I am, I have asked my angels and guardian angel to help me find the correct information for helping the people whom I suppose to help out: finding their life path and open up their awareness to the road of freedom of their inner self.  My blog and website are to eliminate the illusion that has kept us from seeing the truth, that we have been just living a life of illusion that was brought to us. It is not the truth and not the reason why we were all given a chance to be on earth at this very important time to help with the ascension process.   

Let’s look at the numbers that surround this election,  it gave us a lot of messages that we did not even see at first. In my quest for knowledge I had found some very interesting  people, the very first person was Doreen Virtue.  She has opened my eyes with the books,  cards and the wide variety of interesting things about angels.  Providing  a world of wise experiences… Then there was Diana Cooper.  I have basically found the answers from all the questions that I have struggled with for over the years. I bought just about everything that Doreen & Diana have brought to the market. 

To get to the point, why I have mentioned these two persons, is that Doreen Virtue in particular has written a book about ‘Angel numbers 101’. This book is one of the most important things to me and it made me the proud owner of two copies.  I travel with one in my handbag and the other one by my bedside table.

Your next question is probably… why? First of all for years, ever since I was a child, I have been seeing numbers all around me, they were always there.  When I was sad, I could see a lot of them everywhere, like they were there to comfort me… but I just did not understand.  They came to me walking in the streets, standing at the bus stop, checking time on the clock, on the radio, in a shop, you name it…  Why I started noticing them they came in double or triple sequences. And different ones, not only the same. It was like they were giving me a message.  At age fourty, there was a shift when I started being pushed to seek the answer and found her books.

As we take a look at the day that was chosen for the American Election, November 6, 2012, equals (6+11+2012)  or ( 6+1+1+2+0+1+2) = 13… (1+3) = 4 Quoted from the book of numbers mentioned before, 4 means: “The angels are with you. They send you the number 4 to reassure you that they have heard your prayers and are helping you.”  What is it that we should understand from this or what message or answer was given? 

The people of the most powerful country of the world, have called out to our creator for help, they needed help.  We should all take a look at what has happened since 9-11, what really happened on September 11, 2001 and what happened in 2008 and even more what happened Oktober 29, 2012, when the hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United states of America. 

As I woke up that morning, busy with getting things done at home, I had no intention to turn the Television on, because I have realized that for a long time I can’t watch it anymore.  I have become so sensitive that every unjust thing hits me hard and I tend to feel these peoples pains, so I have chosen to pray instead of attracting and holding on to all of their emotions.  The day after the Sandy storm, as I sat to check my email & realized the outcome, I became emotional and in panic because most of my family members live in that area. It just hit me that I was so busy and had forgotten about it…  then there was a silent moment where I received just one word: purification. Yes, ‘they’(the people in the NY / NJ area) had to be purified so that change can begin.  This is a matter that will be dealt with at a further date.  As I reached out to my family there and found out that they were alive, the joy filled my heart.  With happiness to be alive and only material damage, they asked me how did I know that it would happen? My answer was that sometimes I just know.  It comes from a place of inner peace where you can connect with your guiding angel(s).  Is it not hard to find, we all have that connection to the divine.  We just have to listen.  
So yes they have called out for help, and the changes are about to happen.

During the counting of the ballets, as we waited for the new president, there was something mysterious that happened.  These two candidates were divided with colours and during the counting of the votes with numbers,  Obama had the colour blue and at one point, the number 77 and  Romney, had the colour Red with the number 88 at that same particular point. That was where I thought: are people not aware to see the answer before them?

 As we look at the colour blue which is the colour of Archangel Michael, of which the prayer is:

I thank God for making you a strong leader who fights for good to be victorious over evil. Please give me the courage I need to overcome my fears. Empower me with the strength I need to resist temptations to sin and instead do what’s right, even in the most challenging situations. Whenever I face danger, please help keep me safe. Amen.

 The number 77 means as quoted “Keep up the great work!  Everything that you are doing right now has the Midas touch!”  it went further to tell the real truth behind everything which was (7+7) = 14 (1+4) = 5 The number 5 means “A significant change is occurring, always for the better.  It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.”

As you look at the Blue Chakra it means : the ability to verbalize …Expressing truth through power of the spoken word.

The second candidate had the colour red. Archangel Uriel, the archangel of wisdom, is in charge of the red angel light ray. The prayer is:

“I thank God for making you so wise. Please shine the light of God’s wisdom into my life whenever I’m facing an important decision, so I can decide in light of what’s best. Please help me seek God’s will in all situations. Give me the inspiration I need to come up with fresh, creative ideas. Help me learn new information well. Guide me toward solutions to the problems I face. Empower me to resolve conflicts with other people, and to let go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent me from discerning divine wisdom. Amen.”

The number 88 meaning as quoted “This is a very auspicious and favorable sign about your finances.  Your actions, prayers, visualizations, and manifestation work have resulted in a large inflow of abundance.  Open your arms and receive!”  When looking further (8 + 8) = 16 (1 + 6 ) = 7, as quoted “Your are on the right path, and the outcome will exceed your expectations!  The number 7 is a sign that Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity.”

The Chakra colour Red, is the Base Chakra: Ground spirit forces in body… Gain ability to work,  loving on the physical plane.

When the result of the election was declared that candidate 1 had won with 303 points, God and the ascended masters had heard and answered their prayers. Three is the number from the Ascended Masters, which was presented twice in this number. This brings us to what we should be aware of: the Ascension on December 21, 2012, which is exactly 44 days from now.  If you look closely, you can see that the American people have asked for help with Ascension and they have received it.

By looking at the other candidate #2, that ended up at the number 206: two means the angels are buoying your faith, if you asked them to and the number 6 means that you are too obsessed with the material world, which include items and money.

As we take a closer look at these two candidates, the outcome from this election is obvious.  We all come here with a purpose, behind everything in this world there is a higher purpose for everything.  The candidate who won, was obviously sent here to help the people with ascension. Candidate #2 was only in the race for self fulfillment. The American people have spoken and they made the right decision. This was Divine invention.

The crowd shouted out ”4 more years”, 4 meaning as stated before:

“The angels are with you. They send you the number 4 to reassure you that they have heard your prayers and are helping you.”

Did we all get the message now or not?

May there be peace on earth

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